Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Portrait Commission - Pam DIgnan

Hello everyone, been a couple of days since I was here to post. Been working pretty steady these days. Here is a portrait commission I finished and delivered last week. It is of a lady I know when she was 16. She is now 51. I did the drawing in my Staedtler "Triplus" Ball Point Pens. It took 15 hours to complete. It is done on Hammer Mill Acid Free Heavy Cover Stock for Color Laser Printing. She loved it and it is to be a gift to her husband who took the photo of her originally. It was taken on slide film so I had to work from the slide image. It was pretty dark as it was taken on an over-cast day. None the less, I feel it came out pretty well.

Thanks for looking !


Keep On Creating !


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