Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swaney Road Barn (Buckeye Red White & Blue) WIP

Hello everyone. Been a while since I updated the work on the Swaney Road Barn drawing. I have been working way too much with my day job. In this update you can see that I have moved through the right side of the Barn and roof area. I have chosen to put a tin roof on the barn and add the horse and cart wind directional on top. I finished the stone corner and then continued the barn siding work to complete the long side of the barn. Mostly line work here except for the layering work in the roof. Once I completed the barn I went right into the grass work and brought it down to the fence line where I worked that area.

The next will be the final posting of the finished drawing and I will discuss some of the foliage and weed work in the fence line.

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