Sunday, September 27, 2009

WIP 2, Swaney Road Barn - Update

Here is the second Work In Progress (WIP) image from the "Swaney Road Barn" drawing. The Fence post is complete and the barbed wire is moving right along to the right of the viewer. I have the Fence work started as well and am pleased with how the wrapping of the wire is looking.
As you can see, I have done some of the foreground work in the weeds and that is very time consuming. I must be patient while doing this work because trying to work to rapidly causes mistakes and those are hard to fix or work into the image. As this is an image put together from many different scenes I have the freedom to work in pretty much anything that I feel works. I want to stay true to my theme of a rural landscape of a barn and fence post and fence set in very early fall where the weeds are taking hold of the scene.

The barn itself with hold a very special image on the facing side. The second part of the name for this drawing will become more clear when I have developed the image a bit farther. Untill then, I will keep that part a secret.

I have starteded the barn itself and have some of the siding planks in. You can see the door that I have added to the lower corner of the barn. It hasn't been used in quite some time as you can see the ivy has started to take it over. The trees that are on the hill just to the viewers left of the corner of the barn are a small stand of maples. I have used both my medium and fine point ball point pens for the work in the image. I used the medium point mostly for toning and shadowing and the fine point for detail line work.

The grass work in the mid-ground was done all with the fine point pen. Each blade of grass is done with very small stroke on top and beside each other. I find that this method works well to keep the eye from picking up a seam in the layering of the grass. I don't what the viewer to be able to pickup on where I started or ended each time I worked in the grass area. The grass work is done with shortest strokes farther away from the viewer and grdually larger one closer to the viewer or toward th bottom of the page if you will.

Well, that's about it for now. I will update this image more frequantly now that I have gotten some things worked out on my updating schedule. Please check back often and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

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