Monday, October 5, 2009

WIP 3 Swaney Road Barn

As you can see, I have done the work on the facing side of the barn that I had kept a secret till now. This barn drawing is different from any other that I have done. It is the first time that I have put color Ball Point Pen work in my drawings. I wanted to do this to show my love for the flag and my country. I am a disabled veteran and very proud of my service. I have painted, if you will, this flag on the only barn I own. If I had a large barn like this, I would by the paint and paint one on the side of it. One interesting note about the flag image is that I took the reference photo of this flag during my attendance at the OSU football game at "The Shoe" in Columbus, Ohio during the home game against Wisconsin. It was my first time in the stadium for a game. I was impressed ! The most beautiful sight for me that day was the huge American flag flying at the end of the stadium. It was perfect. I knew then that it would be my model for the barn drawing. The flag is done in light layers of red and blue ink while the white areas are negative work. I also finished the facing siding of the barn as well as put in the stone corner around the window of the barn. If you look in front of the corner you will see that I have put in the apple ladder, the paint cans and artists tool box in the mid-ground to show that the artist had just finished his work and as it were, has stepped out in front to admire the work before picking up his tools. If you click on the image you can see a closer view of this image. I have also included a close-up crop of the paint cans for you to see. Thanks for following along with me on this one...Keep On Creating !

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